Lori Latimer

Founder of Ladies Who Lead

Looking for a deep, dynamic speaker/facilitator to address the state of women in the workplace? Want to inspire your audience while supporting them to launch a legacy they love?

Bring Lori Latimer, CEO, Ladies Who Lead to your stage!

A highly sought after coach and consultant for women in the workplace as well as companies who want to empower their female leadership, Lori Latimer offers success strategies, intuitive insights, and a no-nonsense approach to empowering women at work. Her mission? To end overwhelm and burnout while teaching and training women at work how to become Ladies Who Lead.


Lori speaks to and trains companies, organizations, top-level female executives and female employees on:

  • The #1 thing keeping women at work exhausted and burned out – and what individuals and companies can do about it
  • What it really costs corporations to have female employees connected to their jobs, email, & phone 24/7
  • The benefits of women taking time off – for companies AND employees
  • How the physical effects of exhaustion and burnout negatively impact corporations
  • The newest “disease” affecting most female employees at any level – and its financial impact on corporations
  • One simple thing women can do to instantly shift the effects of burnout and exhaustion
  • How to end overwhelm, get off autopilot, & become a Lady Who Leads


As a speaker, Lori’s quickly becoming one of the nation’s most sought-after voices for women in the workplace.

Her signature keynote Women & the Workplace: How to End Overwhelm, Get Off Autopilot, & Create An Iconic Life is being touted as a “must see” for women who work.

Lori believes that one of the keys to becoming iconic is to get off autopilot and find what you’re passionate about. She shows audiences how to become magnets for the opportunities and people that will catapult them to the experiences, answers, and legacies they deeply desire.

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