Are you a high achieving career woman? Would you like to STOP operating on autopilot?

Is it time to START living and leading your life with style & grace? Welcome To Your Iconic Life Legacy Coaching. Let’s face it. You’ve built an impressive career and life for yourself. And yet… discontent has set in. AND… you’re trying to squelch it. From the outside, it looks like you have it all. So how dare you act ungrateful, right?

Well, I dare you. I dare you to acknowledge what’s no longer working in your life. To honor your inner knowing that says, There MUST be something else. But WHAT?

This – and YOU – are the driving inspiration behind my Iconic Life Legacy Coaching. I have spent decades working with women on getting clear about what no longer serves them, as well as how to identify and honor What’s Next.

From this launching pad, we shift your entire life from status quo to intentional and actionable.

We get clear about what no longer serves and supports you.

And we take steps in the direction of the iconic life and legacy you know you’re meant to lead. (No, you don’t have to quit your day job. At least not yet!)

To explore if Iconic Life Legacy Coaching is for you, set up your complimentary 30-minute call with me.

Lori has a way of holding space and listening to those she works with that is purely magical. You will always walk away feeling adored, heard or understood. She is highly intuitive and incredibly creative and wise, and has a way of making things fun and light rather than heavy and difficult. Her compassion shines through and she truly cares about her clients so working with her feels authentic, safe and empowering. I am forever grateful to have experienced Lori’s work and to be able to make the shifts I have made through her teachings and recommendations. She is wisdom in a bottle and I am forever grateful to her! – Dana C., New York