Welcome to Part 2 in my series, Four Pillars to Optimal Health. In the first article I described the four pillars in general. The second article delved into Pillar 1: Your Physical Health.

In Pillar 2 we’ll dive into our mental health. When people hear the term “mental health,” the first thought they often have is about psychological or psychiatric issues. Those are actually symptoms of other things, all of which are found in the other pillars.

Mental health encompasses everything that goes on in our minds: our thoughts, our beliefs, our patterning, our habits, and the collective ideas that we as a society hold.

Did you know the average person thinks 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and 70% to 80% of them are negative? Think about that for a minute. About ¾ of the thoughts we have a day are negative.  That means that about 45,000 of the thoughts we have each day are negative! No wonder so many people are on antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs of some kind.

Where do those thoughts come from? Most of our thoughts come from what we’ve heard from other people, whether it was from our parents, teachers, the media, or religious leaders. We often don’t give much thought to, well, to our thoughts.

A great journaling exercise is to ask yourself: What are my thoughts versus what I’ve heard or been told from others? What thoughts do I think on a regular basis? Why do I have those thoughts? Are those thoughts actually true? How do I know they’re true? Get curious and really challenge yourself on your thoughts.


While thoughts are what you think, beliefs are what you believe to be true deep in the core of your Being. Beliefs go way beyond the thinking mind. While thoughts and beliefs are both subjective, beliefs are something you are confident in. They are formed from our thoughts, our personal experiences, and what we’ve heard from others.

Here’s an example. I may “think” that math is hard (my thought). I form a “belief” around that when I’m given a calculus problem and it might as well be in Greek – then I believe that math is hard based on my personal experience.

While some beliefs are personal to each of us, there are also collective beliefs such as: “You have to work hard.” This can cause you to stay in a job you don’t like because what you really want to do isn’t considered hard work. Another example is “You’re not (fill in the blank – old, young, rich, smart, pretty, mature, etc.) enough.” This is a self-limiting belief that can cause you to stay in your comfort zone and not pursue your dreams or passions.

As with thoughts, you can do the same journaling exercise around your beliefs. What are my beliefs versus what I’ve heard or been told from others? Why do I have these beliefs? Is this belief really true? What evidence do I have that it’s true? If this belief isn’t true, what might be true instead?

You may find that you formed some of your beliefs in childhood, and that you’ve outgrown them. If they no longer fit for you, you have permission to release them!

Getting Woo-Woo

Is it okay if I get a little woo-woo with you for a minute? Here’s what I’ve learned. Many of the thoughts we think on a continual basis and the beliefs we have aren’t even our own! That’s right. They may be things we heard as a child (or even as an adult). If we hear them from a perceived authority figure, we take them as Truth. And yet, do we dig deep and question them to find out if they’re our Truth or not?

Not only do we often pick up our thoughts, beliefs and patterns from others in this lifetime, we can also carry them with us from our ancestors and from other lifetimes. Pretty woo-woo, I know. Believe me, a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to wrap my mind around this concept! And yet, I’ve worked with enough clients to help them clear some of these patterns and beliefs to know that it’s true.

“Your inner beliefs determine your outer circumstances.” (Author Unknown)

Throughout our lifetimes, our negative thoughts and beliefs can become blocks and restrictions, causing us to struggle through life. In my work as a Soul Navigator and Soul Realignment practitioner, I help my clients discover and clear their unique blocks and restrictions so they can make new choices in their lives and create new outcomes. It’s a simple process that empowers the client and allows them to create what they truly desire in life.

If you are interested in learning more about Soul Realignment, reach out to me by email at lori@lorilatimer.com. Your Soul will thank you for it!