What Is Your Most Valuable Asset?

This is a question I frequently pose to my clients and when I do, I get a variety of responses such as my wedding rings, my home, my family, my financial portfolio, my dog (or cat), and everything in between (including some that are rather x-rated!). While all of those are certainly important, there’s one asset I believe is universally the most important to everyone. Can you guess what it is?

It’s your health.

Let’s face it. Without good health, all the money in the world is meaningless. Who wouldn’t give up anything and everything to heal themselves or a loved one? We often think we can’t “afford” something, yet if we needed to come up with $10,000 for surgery or a cure for ourselves or a loved one, we’d do anything we could to find that money.

I’ve been blessed with good health most of my life. So like many people, I’ve tended to take it for granted. Just a few years ago I would not have even thought about writing this article. And yet, as the years go by and I’m in the second half of life, I realize just how precious good health is.

What Exactly Is Health?

There are four pillars to our health. When someone mentions the word “health,” most people automatically think of physical health. And yet, there’s also our mental health, our emotional health, and our spiritual health. In my next few articles, I’ll dive into each area. Here’s a brief overview of each one:

Physical Health – This area includes the things we naturally tend to think of when we think of our health, mainly anything related to our physical body. We typically turn to a medical doctor for issues related to our physical health.

Mental Health – This area includes most illnesses and disorders related to our brain as well as how we think and process information. People typically turn to a psychologist or psychiatrist for issues related to our mental health.

Emotional Health – This area is one many people don’t even consider, or they confuse it with Mental Health. While there are some similarities, they are two different and distinct areas of health. Our Emotional Health typically refers to how we process our emotions. People often turn to a psychiatrist or psychologist for emotional health issues.

Spiritual Health – This is another area that often causes some confusion. People often equate spirituality with religion. They tend to think of going to church and some type of organized rituals when they think of religion. Spirituality may incorporate teachings from a particular church, but it goes much deeper than that. People tend to turn to a pastor or other religious or spiritual advisor for guidance in this area.

Each of the four pillars is critical to abundant health. I like to use an analogy of a chair. If one leg of the chair is weak or broken, the chair is compromised. It’s the same thing with our health. Each one is equally important. If one or more of the four pillars of our health is weak, our overall health will be compromised.

We must devote resources to each of the four pillars of health or we will be out of balance. Those resources include time  and energy. The good news is that there are some simple things we can do to begin coming back into balance. I’ll share some tips to assist you in upcoming articles.

Ladies Who Lead take on a lot of responsibility in life. In order to serve from your highest potential, and in order to feel fulfilled in life, you require your four pillars of health to be in alignment.

A Secret

Here’s a secret I’ve discovered: two of the four pillars are the foundation for the others. In my upcoming articles, I’ll share which two create your foundation!

I’d love to hear from you. Which areas do you feel are out of balance in your life? Which one(s) do you spend most of your resources on? Which ones do you tend to take for granted?