One of the hardest parts of a divorce is dealing with the massive change it brings to your life. And that change can continue for years after an actual divorce or breakup.

But change is part of life. Every minute of every day brings change. And in each instant, we have the choice to either resist the change or go with it – and grow from it.

Like all things the business I started after my divorce, has slowly changed and evolved. You’ll begin to see some of those changes over the coming weeks on my website. Here’s a sneak peek. I hope you’ll come along with me for what promises to be a fabulous ride!

While I’m still working with women after divorce, it’s become clear that women who have been successful in their careers are looking for fulfillment in their personal lives that they haven’t found yet. Married, divorced, single, or in a relationship – we all face the same challenges.

Lessons and Challenges and Purposes… Oh My!

In May 2010, I did something that completely changed my life. I had my hand analysis done. I had no idea at the time just how powerful and life changing that would be and what it would mean in both my business and my personal life.
There’s a lot of talk these days about Life Purpose. Your Life Purpose is your area of biggest fulfillment. It’s what you’re here on this planet to do in this lifetime. And your Life Purpose is contained in your very own fingerprints!

But for me, the more powerful piece has been the Life Lesson. Learning my Life Lesson put so much of my life into perspective for me. It helped me understand why I’ve done some of the things I’ve done and why I’ve made some of the choices I’ve made. The awareness it’s brought to my life has helped me make better choices. As Oprah says “When you know better, you do better.” Now that I know better, I’m going to do my best to keep doing better!

If you keep hitting roadblocks in your life, if you feel like you keep having the same experiences over and over again (some people call these mistakes, I prefer to call them lessons or experiences), the reason is because you haven’t yet learned the lesson you’re meant to learn. The irony is that until you know what your particular challenge or lesson is, you’re destined to keep running into it. By decoding the patterns in your fingerprints, I’m able to help you become aware of your specific challenge or lesson so you’ll know it when it shows up. I also help you find the tools to confront it when it does show up. Decoding the patterns in your fingerprints also allows me to help you find you specific Life Purpose.

But rest assured, that pesky Life Lesson will keep popping up and try to derail you from moving toward your Life Purpose!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on the wealth of information your hands hold! The lines in your hands all mean something. And there are potential gifts and talents just waiting to be discovered as well! I’ll be talking more about it in upcoming articles.

The Art of Feminine PresenceFinal-AFP-logo

This is the other piece of work that has truly transformed my life. I have some very definite ideas about why our relationships are in the sad state they’re in, and I’ll discuss that more in a future article. For now, suffice it to say that we women have been living like men for too long! We’ve been super successful in our careers, but our personal lives have been less than stellar.

In The Art of Feminine Presence, I help women reconnect with their feminine essence and find that radiant part of themselves that men simply adore. For most of us, that part of ourselves has been dormant for so long that we don’t even know it exists. And if we do know it exists, we’ve forgotten how to access it.

The transformation that women experience in the Art of Feminine Presence workshops I teach is truly astounding.

New Voice, New Message

And then, after spending the first few months of 2012 redesigning my business, I came down with bronchitis and was sick almost the entire month of April, including having laryngitis and literally no voice for 10 days! I realized that there was my voice and my message before I got sick, and then I had to go through that period of being sick so I could come out with my new voice and my new message.

I’m still letting it all simmer and percolate. But I’m excited about the direction it’s all going!

When you’ve faced changes in your life, did you resist them, or did you embrace them? And how did you know when it was time to change direction? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments section below!