This is the first *big* step in pursuing my true passion, my dream. This website has been a work-in-progress for several months, during which time I’ve gone from terrified, to frustrated, to wondering what in the world I was doing, to knowing this is something bigger than me and something that I absolutely have to do.

Timing Is Everything

But I’ve always believed that timing is everything, and I knew that when the time was right it would all come together. Is it perfect? Is it completely finished? Of course not. But then again, neither am I. And it’s taken me a very long time to be okay with not being perfect, and not thinking that I had to be perfect.

Then again, is life ever perfect? No. It’s always changing and evolving. Three years ago I was 47 years old, I was married and I was employed as a paralegal in family law. Now, I’m 50 and divorced, but still a paralegal. But even that is changing as I transition into my true life purpose.

I’ve learned things about myself in the past year that have surprised me. Things I’d long forgotten, and some I never knew. Things I liked and things I didn’t like. It’s been truly transformational.

Who Am I?

You see, when you’ve been a wife and/or mother most of your adult life, and suddenly you’re not (well, you’re always a parent, but it’s different after your children are grown), you have to take a long hard look at who you are. And what you want. And what your place in the world is now. And what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Who you want to be the rest of your life.

I am now taking the part of my job that I love the most – helping people get through the emotional part of the divorce process – to the next level. It’s time for me to help other women who are where I was not so long ago find their place, find their identity, find their passion and purpose, and help them redefine and recreate their lives.

Because it really is a time of reinvention. It can be scary. It can be paralyzing. It can keep you up at night. It can bring up doubts and fears you never even knew you had.

It is truly life-changing.

But when you come out on the other side of it, it can be amazing. It can be fun. It can be playful. It can be full of passion and joy. It can be the life of your dreams. It can be better than anything you ever imagined. It can be sensational.

Is my life exactly how and where I want it to be? Definitely not. But I’ve come a very long way from where I was a year ago and I’m headed in an exciting direction. I’ve had some amazing friends and mentors helping me along the way. Women like Sarah Robinson, Marie ForleoElizabeth Potts Weinstein, Alexis Martin Neely, and Allison Nazarian. And too many others to name.

Because it can’t be done alone.

It can take a month, a year, or 10 years to rebuild your life. It’s a process, a journey, and there is no timetable. But it can be done. It has to be done. It’s up to you which path you travel.

There is life after divorce.

And it can be whatever you want it to be.